Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Cancer and Scorpio compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Cancer man guide and Scorpio woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. I am a Scorpio woman and when I met my Cancer man there was an undeniable mutual attraction. The attraction was so strong there was an immediate connection. We talked for a few days before we went on our first date. We got to know each other so well after only a few days of conversation, it felt like we knew each other our whole lives. After our first date, we were inseparable.

20 Things to Know About Dating a Scorpio

Zodiac signs Cancer and Scorpio have one element – Water. They find it so easy together that having become acquainted, they will not notice how their first romantic dating will turn into a marriage bond. The compatibility horoscope endorses their union, but some possible problems in their relationship are still worth paying attention to. Cancer man and Scorpio woman are honest and noble, they are notable for intelligence, imagination and extraordinary power of emotion.

The union makes each of them twice as strong, together they can achieve a lot in life: They will never be bored together, they will gladly walk, talk, and discuss projects and plans.

The combination of fear and desire is irresistible to him.

Both Cancer and Scorpio are concerned with emotional closeness and bonding. It is said between two water signs that any feeling is fine as long as there is feeling so both signs can tolerate anger, frustration, sorrow, and despair. You can rely on your emotional magnetism to draw a Cancer woman towards you. She is able to feel your intensity and the vibration of your desire and is not afraid to respond to instinctual impulse.

In fact, she will feel like you two talk the same language, which you do. You are always a little bit afraid, and that works to your advantage here. The combination of fear and desire is irresistible to him. Think of the Chinese lady who hides her face behind a fan while giving her man a come hither look. There can be a high degree of romance with these two signs.

What attracts a Scorpio Man to a Cancer Woman

Aries man and Scorpio woman will love each other at first sight. The compatibility horoscope of these signs of the zodiac says that this union is noted with its constant expression, thanks to the protection of the Fire and Water elements. The spouses experience a strong passion, understand each other well, and can save their marriage for life.

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman This is a heavenly love match!

Scorpio is attracted to many signs but Cancer is also a Water Sign as Scorpio is so you both have emotional natures. A few general tips for holding onto Scorpio: Ask no personal questions. Scorpio has a deep mistrust of others so show that you are a trustworthy person and that goes far with Scorpio. You don’t tell Scorpio’s Business to Anyone. Again this brings up Scorpio’s mistrust of others. Don’t be too loud when you’re together as Scorpio doesn’t like to attract attention and a loudmouthed woman won’t be around Scorpio long!

Don’t be clingy and needy and ask him a bunch of questions when he’s been gone. Again asking too much of Scorpio again due to their deep mistrust of others. Scorpio likes a woman to keep the home fires burning. And all that goes with it as most mates such as cooking and cleaning.

Scorpio Man in Love & Relationships

Talk to a Love Psychic to learn more about the Scorpio Man. Fascinating Scorpio oozes charm and a magnetism that’s practically impossible to ignore. Women are naturally attracted to him, sensing his deep appreciation for romance. Somewhat of an enigma, the Scorpio’s demeanor is usually cool and calm, but inside, there may be numerous flames of passion.

I am sure you would have heard about these Scorpio male personality traits from either someone else or from the internet.

By Tiziani What makes them? Differing levels of emotional intellect means they both learn a good measure of self control from one another. Most likely to raise happy and sensitive children. It is not possible to leave a Scorpio-Cancer disagreement without deep wounds. Can it work between Scorpio Woman and Cancer Man? It definitely can and arguably should always be made to.

Everything You Need to Know About a Cancer Man

It is a watery sign. Sensitive, shy, moody, sympathetic are the keywords for Cancerians. Highly emotional and sensitive in nature. You are moody and change your moods often and frequently.

Then his appreciation for home and family keeps me assured that I cant be replaced; also important for the Scorpio.

Both are water signs and both are probably one of the best zodiac combinations. There will be flaws in the combination, yet both can make it work if they want to. Scorpio man A Scorpio man has a tough shell which cannot be easily cracked open. He is furiously passionate, loving and extremely possessive and jealous when it comes to relationships.

He lives life to the fullest when he is living it. He cares for you and can be your best friend. But he can also be extremely vengeful if you step on the wrong foot. He can go to almost any length to destroy you, sometimes even to the extent of self destruction. In a relationship, he also craves love, passion and loyalty. Cancer woman When it comes to relationships, home is the synonym for a cancer woman.

She does not go to extreme as a Scorpio does; however she is not a weakling. A cancer woman too has a tough shell.

Sexual Compatibility Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man

Things have been going great with my Cancer friend. Been dating for months, met through mutual friends that we all hang with a lot. Since we have been dating, I met his brother while he was in town, and he met my mother and brothers; I met more of his friends we hosted a couple parties at his house together , but he still finds time to hang with his friends outside of me. We have been spending a lot of time together, and things have been going so well, and then all of a sudden he seems cold.

As a scorpio, I despise rejection as much as the next cancer, and I know that they have that crab like behavior

Romance for the Sagittarius man Cancer woman soulmates is very important.

He is restless and very much a risk taker. She is rather emotional and will want to mother him. He is not quick to want to settle down and that is all she wants her life journey to be about. The Cancer woman is always preoccupied with concerns and issues. The Sagittarius man is optimistic and could bring about some light hearted interaction between them. He can glean a sense of belonging and stability if he allows her to broaden his horizons. They mutually prefer when things go smoothly but this might not filter into the mundane responsibilities of life.

There are limits to what they will agree to do, even as friends. Romance for the Sagittarius man Cancer woman soulmates is very important. This is because their sexual roles are very clear. He may not exactly quite as she would like but his intentions are all good. In return, she has confidence in his aspirations for their future and will love them as much as she is able to love him. Sagittarius man Cancer woman love compatibility will not be easy from the start.

Neither of them is quite ready to embrace the valuable object lesson that is within their grasp.

How To Get With A Scorpio Man [Proceed With Caution Because This Man Will String You Along!]

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