Smiths were one of the first companies to produce synchronous electric clocks. These were put on the market towards the end of Smiths formed a subsidiary company called Synchronous Electric Clocks to produce these clocks as the first models carry this name. Prior to this date calottes had been exclusively of foreign manufacture. Also that year, Smiths introduced the Batriclock which was intended for areas where the synchronous clock could not be used. They said it was “the remarkable combination of a synchronous electric movement with the essential elements of a fine precision lever escapement”. If the electric supply failed the clock would run for up to six hours and rewind when the power returned. Apparently the synchronous motor also corrected the mechanical time train at intervals. Smiths produced a synchronous electric chiming clock.

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Driving from London to Glasgow Mar 7, , 9: As others have said, you will just be checking in and out of hotels and spending hours on motorways or driving round Bath or Stratford finding somewhere to park. On day 7 London – Stonehenge – Bath – Cardiff you are covering miles which will take about 4 hours allowing for stops etc.

That leaves little time for Stonehenge or Bath or Cardiff. On day 8 Cardiff – Oxford – Stratford – Liverpool you do miles which will take about 6 hours, leaving almost no time at all to see any of the places. Day 9 Liverpool, Manchester , Leeds is only 90 miles and 2 hours driving which is not bad, but you still have little time in each place.

The outsourcing revolution was devastating to many cities, particularly in the Midwest and Northeast, whose economies were overly dependent upon manufacturing, and resulted in a group of hollowed-out, depressed cities now known as the Rust Belt.

Banks are too chipper about pin fraud 08 Apr The machines were opened, tampered with and perfectly resealed, said Dr Brenner, “so that it was impossible to tell even for someone working at the factory that they had been tampered with. An investigation launched by Mastercard International is understood to have discovered several of the corrupted machines at British branches of Asda and Sainsbury’s. In all, hundreds of devices in Britian and other affected countries had been copying the account details and pin numbers of thousands of credit and debit cards over the past nine months and transmitting the data via mobile phone networks to underworld electronic experts in Lahore, Pakistan.

Once MasterCard had uncovered the scam it alerted stores which set about examining tens of thousands of chip and pin machines to find out which ones had been tampered with. The corrupted devices are an extra three to four ounces heavier because of the additional parts they contain, and the simplest way to identify them has been to weigh them. A MasterCard International investigator said: It sounds kind of old school, but the only other way would be to tear them apart.

MasterCard’s network experts picked up anomalies in charges being levied on its card holders and those from other issuers, including Visa, which suggested fraudulent activity. They realised that card details were being stolen and used to produce “white”- or cloned – cards, which were in turn used to fund purchases from countries around the world. Sometimes the criminals used them to make “card-not-present” transactions — by phone or internet — for goods or services, often travel tickets.

On other occasions they would simply withdraw cash. The illicit transactions took place at least two months after the information had been stolen, making it difficult for investigators to work out what had happened. But after six months of fruitless investigation, investigators spotted an attempt at a similar fraud on a card which had only been used in one location in Britain.


Our products are setting new standards for reliability, energy efficiency and durability. In addition, we also develop and produce mounted units, linear guides, ball screws, wheel bearing units and steering systems. We ensure motion with the utmost precision – even under the most difficult operating conditions. NSK bearings run in wind turbines and machine tools, our linear technology can be found on production lines for a variety of industries, and our automotive components are installed in vehicles from practically all renowned automotive manufacturers.

It was created in by impounding the Rocky River.

Until , Gallaher was a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Brands, Inc. That company is itself a diversified group of companies, with core businesses in tobacco, distilled spirits, life insurance, office products, hardware, and home improvement products. The Early Years Gallaher was founded by Tom Gallaher, who in started his own business in Londonderry, making and selling pipe tobaccos. Within sixteen years, he had prospered enough to move to larger premises in Belfast.

He visited Kentucky , North Carolina , Virginia, and Missouri , and following his first trip the expedition became an annual event. Gallaher rose to become a notable figure in trade on both sides of the Atlantic. During the first half of the 19th century, the pipe had gradually given way in popularity to the cigar. The military was largely credited with this shift, as British soldiers returning from the Crimea campaign of — introduced an item they had adopted from their French and Turkish allies—the cigarette.

Smoking fashions in Britain underwent a change that Gallaher was astute enough to exploit. Soon other tobacco manufacturers also began to cater to this change in tastes. By , he was producing flake tobaccos and cigarettes, which, included in the full range of Gallaher products, were displayed at the Irish exhibition in London during that same year. The first London factory was opened the following year at Clerkenwell Road to increase production, and in the Belfast factory moved into larger quarters.


Josiah was thought to be strong enough to deal with the troubles caused by the Salem Witch Trials. There were only a select few to start with with only two of the them surviving to old age. They won the enduring respect of the magical community in North America which was extended to their descendants. However, they had to change it as it was in an inconvenient location.

Hong Kong was a colony of the British Empire and in Britain obtained a year lease from China.

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The Union Jack, adopted in , is a combination of the banners of England St. The arms of the saltire crosses do not meet at the center. God Save the Queen. Before decimal coinage was introduced on 15 February , the pound had been divided into 20 shillings, each shilling representing 12 pennies p or pence; some old-style coins are still in circulation. Under the new system, there are coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 pence and 1 and 2 pounds, and notes of 5, 10, 20, and 50 pounds.

They said it was “the remarkable combination of a synchronous electric movement with the essential elements of a fine precision lever escapement”.

Warranty Michael Kelly Guitar Company a Division of Hanser Music Group warrants that qualifying instruments purchased within North America will be free from defective materials and craftsmanship from date of purchase to the original purchaser when purchased through an Authorized Michael Kelly dealer see list on our web site. This is a 2 year warranty, which is not transferable and is subject to the limitations contained in this warranty. If at any time during the warranty period this Michael Kelly instrument malfunctions as a result of faulty materials or workmanship, Michael Kelly will repair the defect s or replace the instrument, as it deems appropriate at its sole discretion.

Michael Kelly reserves the right to use materials regularly utilized at the time of repair in the event that original materials are no longer available. If replacement of your instrument is deemed appropriate by our staff, MichaelKelly will replace the instrument with one of the same or most similar style of a value not in excess of the original purchase price of your instrument.

In the unlikely event that your instrument is destroyed, lost or damaged beyond repair, while in the possession of Michael Kelly for repair, Michael Kelly will replace that instrument with one of the some or most similar style of a value not in excess of the original purchase price of your instrument. Any insurance covering the instrument, including but not limited to collector’s value insurance, must be carried by owner at owner’s expense.

Any instrument that has been altered or modified in any way or upon which the serial number has been tampered with or altered. Any instrument whose warranty card has been altered or upon which false information has been given. Any instrument that has been damaged due to misuse, negligence, accident, or improper operation. The subjective issue of tonal characteristics.

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See Article History Alternative Title: It was one of the original 13 states and is one of the six New England states. Connecticut is located in the northeastern corner of the country. It ranks 48th among the 50 U. Lying in the midst of the great urban-industrial complex along the Atlantic coast, it borders Massachusetts to the north, Rhode Island to the east, Long Island Sound an arm of the Atlantic Ocean to the south, and New York to the west.

After the regrouping the Clock and Watch division of the company, Smiths English Clocks Ltd consisted of the following main companies:

Climate[ edit ] The climate of the continental United States varies considerably across the country due to differences in latitude and various geographic features. The Southern and South Central portions of the country contain a variety of humid subtropical climates, for which the northernmost terminus is around the Ohio river and environs. This area of the United States has long, hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters on average.

The Entire eastern half of the United States often succumbs to very hot weather during the summer with high humidity. In the southern portions of the southern states, a number of tropical-transitional climates are found, with Florida and southern Texas hosting a variety of tropical climates. The Midwest region hosts a variety of climates, from humid subtropical in the southern regions, to a warm temperate regime in the central portions, and a humid continental regimes in the more northerly areas of the region.

The entire region is susceptible to extensive amount of very hot, humid weather, and more northerly regions of the Midwest often succumb to bitterly cold temperatures in the winter. The Plains states range from humid subtropical in swathes of Kansas and Oklahoma, to warm temperate in most of Nebraska and areas of South Dakota, to a rather harsh humid continental climate in parts of South Dakota and much of North Dakota.

All border semi-arid and near desert climates that often get searingly hot and alternate between dry and humid for much of the year The west is largely very hot with mostly mild winters, until you get to the northern mountain regions, where, primarily due to elevation, a variety of colder highland climates exist. Most of the region consists of extremely hot or warm arid climates, with very mild to cool winters. This is an extremely rugged, mountainous region.

The west coast contains a variety of hot Mediterranean climates, as well as cooler subtypes of this climate, and an oceanic maritime climate in the northwestern regions. The west coast also contains a variety of subtropical and tropical transitional climes.

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Celebrating over 50 years of distribution in the U. For the first time in the U. The store also features a special gallery of limited-edition styles from designer collaborations including Rick Owens and 10 Corso Como.

Indeed, plans for a much bigger supermarket were shredded thanks to a campaign helped by the Naylor-Leylands and Selina Scott, who has a goat-hair sock shop here; if I were a local without a stake in the food rebrand, I’d be pretty peeved.

Read more Atlas Copco in the UK Our products help customers to achieve sustainable productivity in a wide range of markets, including general engineering, manufacturing and process industries, construction, automotive, electronics, oil and gas. Atlas Copco customers are supported by a nationwide sales, distribution, and service network, to ensure that products are running at maximum efficiency and minimum downtime at our customers’ sites. The Atlas Copco Group is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions.

The Group serves customers in more than countries with products and services focused on productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics. Compressor Technique Atlas Copco’s Compressor Technique business area specialises in the production of air compressors using both oil-lubricated and oil-free technologies, as well as blowers, nitrogen and oxygen generators, air and gas treatment equipment and air management systems.

Atlas Copco Compressors UK and its local distributors provide comprehensive services including repairs, compressor parts, ad hoc compressor service, maintenance plans, monitoring and connectivity solutions. We strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction for air users through innovation and sustainable productivity. Industrial Technique You have been in, sat on, or used something that was assembled using Atlas Copco tools!

Whether you build vehicles, aircraft, appliances, electronics or work in tough environments where cutting, bending and shaping of metal is required – as the leading manufacturer of innovative tooling and assembly solutions we can add value. We are at the forefront of Industry 4.


Digital Factory Digital Factory The Digital Factory DF Division offers a comprehensive portfolio of seamlessly integrated hardware, software and technology-based services in order to support manufacturing companies worldwide in enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of their manufacturing processes and reducing the time to market of their products. The Digital Factory Division aims to provide its customers with a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software products which enable the comprehensive integration of data from development, production and suppliers.

The complete digital representation of the entire physical value chain is our ultimate goal.

The Labour Party, under the leadership of Tony Blair, won a landslide victory in the general election of 1 May , restoring it to power for the first time in 18 years.

Special Edition, Special Purpose Edition and here are lots and lots of Parker pens that can claim to be a special edition pen. A Limited Edition pen is produced in a finite, limited number. A Special Edition pen is produced for a limited time period, and a Special Purpose Edition is a pen that is produced for a special occasion, for instance a signing, a store opening, a movie or such. It was made to honour the then ten years presence of the US in space and was made in the finite number of fountain pens.

A true Limited Edition is however simple to spot. There are also a multitude of pens produced for politicians, often referred to as the Presidential pens, or White House pens. When Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in he is said to have used as many as 75 pens for the one signature, one short stroke at the time.

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Our range — consisting of tableware, glass and cutlery collections — has fascinated our customers and transformed every mealtime, whether it is the daily lunch or a festive occasion, into a special event. Water-saving and easy to clean products also help to protect the environment. Stylish tiles for an aesthetic living culture We have been fascinated by tiles since , when Eugen von Boch restored an ancient Roman floor mosaic. Even today, our products epitomise perfection down to the very last detail.

Visit a specialist dealer near you and introduce these stylish and harmonious designs to your home.

By the end of the following century, four separate kingdoms had been established in Scotland.

Manufacturers of all kinds of Ophthalmic Lenses, Photographic Lenses, and complete optical systems for Scientific Instruments. Scientific Section – Stand No. WWII During the Second World War it produced optical components for military purposes as well as its normal range of ophthalmic products. Manufacturers of Frames and Cases for Spectacles. Lenses, Mirrors and Prisms for Optical Instruments and systems. Metallic Deposits on Glass such as Aluminium and Chromium.

The company had varied fortunes during the fifties, towards the end of which a technical agreement was signed with Bausch and Lomb Inc, USA, a large glass maker and lens manufacturer. The growth of the Still division kept pace with the development of UK-Wiseman, and represented about 19 per cent of the total UKO group sales. Wiseman and Co , a British company comparable in size with UKO, which made and distributed a similar range of ophthalmic products.

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