Iver Johnson 22 Supershot Sealed Eight Double Action Revolver

Model American Eagle test Luger. Magazine is marked Germany. Very good overall condition. A scarce test Luger Very fine dated Luger. Serial numbers are matching, except for the magazine. Compare DWM Luger. Excellent Commercial Luger. Left grip has a small chip otherwise grips are excellent.

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The barrel and loading tube still have most of the original bluing on it. The wood stocks are in good condition and have hand checkering on them. This hand checkering was not done in the factory but probably by the original owner of the carbine.

This new company needed a flagship product:

This practice became most organized, and earned the name of “proofing” with the advent of firearms, when armor plates were proof tested to assure their resistance to proof against early gunfire. A representative sample of each lot of weapons is tested with a proofing cartridge, which has vastly higher pressure than the normal specifications.

If the weapon survives a certain number of these, it passes, and all weapons in the lot get the proof mark to certify they meet the government’s minimum expectations of function and safety. Though the US government has inspection processes for military goods, there is no proof house of any sort for domestic US gun makers.

Yes, that means there are essentially no standards. Most other countries, do, including Spain. The model S photo to the left shows the typical location and appearance of proofmarks on Star pistols. There are 3 on a typical commerical arm, and four on a typical military arm.

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Sold to Iver-Johnson in

SpudGun Not sure if the choice of sidearm is a good indicator — Berettas, HKs, Sigs and Glocks are used by a variety of armies worldwide including the US , without corresponding rifle manufacturers. Whatever I really doubt the French will adopt a rifle made by some other country. Marsh Yes, the French military has a long history of developing their own guns and intentionally making them different just for the heck of it. The manufacture of small arms in France has ceased almost completely in the span of the last 20 years.

This would put them in a privileged position over other potential competitors. Yet and the same goes for the UK, which is longtime talking about an SA replacement , this is just another evidence of how shortsighted their anti-small arms policy has been. SpudGun My scant knowledge of Europe leads me to believe the following will be the front runners — HK — Strong ally in the European Union both politically and financially.

Beretta ARX — another ally in Europe, in financial trouble so may have to buy from Italy to help prop up their economy. As always, this is pure speculation on my part based on the information at hand. You might be thinking of the liguistic divide inside Belgium itself. Apart from that, yeah, your post makes sense, you might want to add Switzerland, which has been a traditional arms-supplier, to the french military, to this day.

So, probably no Tavor.

What is value of Iver Johnson Hercules Smokeless double barrel 12

Parker Gun Company Meriden, Connecticut Hazard Powder Company Hazardville, Connecticut Colt Firearms Company Hartford, Connecticut

Remington production lot

The company was best known for reliable, yet inexpensive revolvers and shotguns. Rather than belaboring this review with a long history of those firearms, I will introduce the reader to the new Iver Johnson Arms, Incorporated, which premiered several style semi-automatic pistols at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The pistol was housed in a black clamshell case, lined with gray egg-crate foam. Included in the case were the instruction manual and a key operated cable lock.

The gun was wrapped in plastic, and literally swimming in oil. This fact was not lost on Todd Downing, who understands, as I do, that a trans-Pacific crossing in ocean-going cargo containers can be very hard on unprotected metal surfaces. More on that oil in a minute! The gun comes with one Mec-Gar 8 round magazine, which is equipped with a plastic extended base pad.

I also needed to do this to remove all of the aforementioned oil.

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European-based production[ edit ] FN manufactured and marketed the Baby Browning pistol from until , though exports to the USA only took place between About , units were produced, including the hand chiseled engraved “Renaissance” and the “Lightweight” version. The Lightweight utilized a T6 aluminum frame and hexavalent chrome-plated over electro-less nickel slide and external detail parts. With the exception of special order nickel-plated units and the above-mentioned versions, all of the Baby Browning pistols were finished in chemical hot blue.

The halt to exports to the USA in was mandated by the Gun Control Act of – which was precipitated by Robert Kennedy’s assassination involving an Iver Johnson manufactured revolver. This piece of legislation was signed into law by then President Lyndon Johnson, it forbade the importation of certain firearms, among them the Baby Browning pistol – but it didn’t forbid the domestic production of these same weapons.

Why has the FN F found it so hard to get traction with any military?

The Missus called me at around 2: She said I should get over to the sale to check it our quickly because some 12 year old kid was trying to convince his parents that he needed this bike. The Missus actually had to come and pick me up and force me to go to the sale to look at it, in case the bratty kid had not already convinced his yuppie parents that he needed a junky old adult bike to throw in his garage.

When we rolled up I sauntered around, acting disinterested, as the family was still at the sale and the kid was still whining. I wandered into the garage to check out the goods. The original hub was still there, but newer rims had been retrofitted. The head badge was old but was only partially there and the bike had been ridden hard for many years. It was a single speed tracker with a coaster brake. His name was Bernard Barney Duberow. I have been obsessed over the past week in researching Iver Johnson bicycles in hopes I could confirm the wooden rim part.

Indeed they did have wooden rims, which means I have to obsess over finding a replacement set. Nevertheless, my friend Clay rolled by Casarama the next day to show off his wooden rimmed Racycle flat tracker he just picked up.

FN Baby Browning

Manuals Jump to another weapon series: The D series is a compact,. It is apparently designed for commercial sales as a self-defense weapon. All D-series weapons seem to be of approximately the exact same external configuration, with the same length slide and gripframe, a semi-circular front sight and so on.

Ads for this issue had to be submitted by April 1st, six weeks after the deadline for the last Millville Ordnance ad that offered the MOCO carbine.

Look at the tabs across the top for these. Parts, spares and accessory dealers are in the Information tab. Domestic is the critical word here. Firearms built for issue to a government outside of Spain are still generally considered to be “commercial” models. This is why the “Miliary” Model and the “Commercial” Model B can both have been issued to government troops.

To keep things simple, for myself mostly, I use these terms in the Star manner, so don’t be confused. The super models were almost always sold alongside the original style pistols, and did not supplant them. They are easily identifiable, aside from markings, from the takedown lever on the right side; conventional pistols will require removing the slide lock pin entirely. Engraved and other custom work The Star factory continued the traditions of Spanish arms makers in their love of the custom arm as well.

There are many examples of finely engraved Star pistols, especially smaller guns as presentation pieces.

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The date code during these years was just placed on the box. Now, this doesn’t help much in many circumstances, because how likely is it that the box will still be around for as long as the gun exists. A gun made of steel and wood can stand the test of time. A paper box will likely not.

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F.I.E. Model E15 Single Action Revolver Pistol by Arminius : EBTH

They also fit the New England Firearms. Both are complete with mounting bolts, just missing the sling swivels on the lighter wood set. This is a must have reference book for Winchester Collectors. Hardbound with DJ in fine condition. The most lavish work ever produced on American long arms, this book has been published with the full cooperation of the Winchester Division of the Olin Corporation, as well as Winchester licensee, the U.

The book’s large format presents many of the firearms in exquisite close-ups, accompanied by substantial details of history, development, and significance.

This is your chance to own a L.

These USGI parts are not compatible: If anyone has more info, corrections, or other history, please send me links or copies. If I’ve incorrectly attributed any of this, let me know and I’ll correct it. Initially the bulk of the components Universal used in their carbines were U. Surplus slides and trigger housings were used as long as possible, but toward the end of the Korean Conflict, when the surplus part market dried up, Universal started manufacturing all of their own parts including barrels, die cast trigger housings, recoil plates, recoil plate screw, and springs.

The quality of Universal M1 copies was usually not to bad, but not up to the standards of the U. Universal was purchased by Iver Johnson in January who continued to sell Universal-branded Carbines as late as Began making Carbines in as Bullseye. Later reorganized as Universal Firearms. Bought government surplus machine tools for Carbine manufacturer. Early guns used surplus parts with stocks from S. Overton of Inland fame. Also made repair stockage parts for the government. Sold wholesale to Sears, Wards, K-Mart and a slew of other hardware and sporting goods stores.

Iver Johnson Champion 12 Gauge

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