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League of Legends, as most competitive games are, is zero-sum. For every match you win, someone else must lose. That doesn’t mean everyone is winning only half the time, but if your win rate is above average, someone else’s must be below. Better players will naturally gravitate towards high numbers, worse players to low. That’s fun for neither. It means better players are insufficiently challenged and are conditioned to expect a win, decreasing the rewarding experience when they do and increasing the frustration when they don’t. On the other end of the spectrum, frequent losses disappoint, people feel they are not given a fair chance to compete and new players are alienated from the game. Generally, the less certain the outcome of a match is in advance, the more exciting the game will be.

Only game where it worked

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An account with a Low Priority penalty will be restricted to the Single Draft game mode for a specified number of games.

Monday, December 12, Git gud lol Since I’m working on the League of Legends matchmaking rigging or total incompetence , I have a weird flood of trolls saying “git gud lol”, meaning that I shouldn’t bother about the games strongly favoring one side from the start, I should just improve my mechanical skills to the point where I can just smash 2 enemies at a time, carrying the game alone. The problem with the “git gud lol” trolls isn’t that they are wrong.

The problem is that their advice is simple but hard. It’s obvious, but very hard to complete. It’s like telling every poor people to go to school and then university and become a doctor and then they won’t be poor. Factually true, completely useless. Advices that are actually worth something are pointing out something easy to complete which makes difference. Like my queue dodging suggestion. Pressing Alt-F4 isn’t hard.

Looking up players on op. The results are stellar, my last month history has 58 wins, 34 losses. However “easy” is not a good measurement. Lot of people suffer from waiting marshmallow experiment and find it hard to wait half an hour after queue dodge. The proper quality of a good advice is “yes or no”.

Update Is Here

On paper what Ultrah showed looked balanced, but the winning team guy did 3x what his 2nd place guy did. How is that possible? Did everyone run into his weapons on purpose? There is so much more than goes into winning than just damage. The problem is, if you take damage into account, you need to take those other things into account.

We’ve seen internal games where you get a game and then with the same teams get the opposite result next time around.

Ranked Matchmaking is Coming The next major update will add a ranked matchmaking feature to the game. This mode is aimed at experienced players who want to play in a more competitive environment and know their matchmaking rating MMR. Dota 2 matchmaking has always calculated MMR and used it to form matches; in ranked matchmaking we make that MMR visible.

Ranked matchmaking is unlocked after approximately games. All players in the party must have unlocked the mode. You may not participate in ranked matchmaking while in the low priority pool.


Verified Buyer Original review: Still removed without an explanation. Only one thing in my opinion that might have caused the removal – discrimination or, in other words, racism because of my color. The service continually presented me with women of my race, though I indicated I was had no racial preferences. Since I choose women of all races as possible matches, my conclusion – they didn’t like or respect my preferences.

If a numeric mean is used to calculate the ave strength, then the shifting of base strength will overshadow the troop strength.

Matchmaking is the existing automated process in League of Legends that matches a player to and against other players in games. Contents [ show ] Details The system estimates how good a player is based on whom the player beats and to whom the player loses. It knows pre-made teams are an advantage, so it gives pre-made teams tougher opponents than if each player had queued alone or other premades of a similar total skill level Riot Games Inc. The basic concept is that the system over time understands how strong of a player you are, and attempts to place you in games with people of the same strength.

As much as possible, the game tries to create matches that are a coin flip between players who are about the same skill. The basic priorities of the system are, in order of importance: Protecting new players from experienced ones. Finding a match at all. The longer you wait, the more important this priority is. There are three steps on that the matchmaking system follows: If it’s a pre-made team, the rating is the average of the team members, along with an increase based on the type of pre-made to make sure that the team gets tougher opponents, because being a pre-made is an advantage.

Determine eligible opponents Initially, the system will only match you with very similar players based on the rating you have been assigned.

Is no one playing this game anymore Or is the matchmaking algorithm broken

Comment below rating threshold, click here to show it. This explanation is current as of the patch going out late in the week of Sept 15th wed, thurs or fri Summary: The system guesses how good you are based on who you beat and who you lose to.

It is probably expensive, time consuming, and may cause community backlash probably not as much if people realized how bad it currently is.

Edited by Exile Fmnz: I will do my best to explain as to why Skill Based Matchmaking SBMM is of no benefit to the playerbase and is overall negatively effecting players, but first I’d like to clear some misconceptions about why people want SBMM removed: With the recent outrage about SBMM I decided to bump it back, especially after seeing the community manager’s reply to this. You just want SBMM removed because you want to stomp scrubs and make yourself feel good!

Although that is partially correct, it is more along the lines of ‘I don’t want to sweat every game Many players accuse good PvP players of tryharding too much and never using ‘fun’ guns But then I must ask you, how am I supposed to have fun using non-meta guns when I’m in a sweaty game where everyone on the other team is using them? See what I mean?

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LFG will allow players to assemble their teams before queuing for quick play, competitive, and arcade game modes. Too often, maps are seemingly decided in the loading screen by the relative ranks or hero pools of players united by the matchmaking algorithm, but now, players can lock in roles prior to queuing. On the PTR, individuals join teams on a first-come, first-serve basis without approval from group leaders.

Party leaders can restrict how many of each role they have on their team; require that players have a certain number of endorsements; and, indicate that they prefer everyone to have a microphone, but that is about it. The aforementioned endorsements serve as the only easily accessible, potentially tangible screening process available to group leaders, but the legitimacy of endorsements has yet to be proven.

See the above forum thread for more explanation.

Hi everyone, I’d like to start by thanking all the players who threw out suggestions about topics they would like to discuss. The point of this discussion is to peel the curtain back and attempt a two-way conversation with you guys. I’m going to make the disclaimer that while I strive to be as transparent as I can, there are some things I can’t share for any number of reasons. If I point an area out that is off limits, please do not assume that I’m trying to hide some evil intention.

My hope is that we can use this discussion to help inform my team to some of your concerns, needs, or wishes, and then we can try to take those into account as we move forward. I have employees who are that design these systems. Instead, I am the final vote. So it’s important that I be as current as possible with the game and the players. The purpose of me exposing my knowledge or lack there of is so we can have a discussion on common ground. If there is a concept that I’m missing, then I trust that you, the players, will point it out and fill me in.

APB is somewhat unique in requiring PvP conflict to progress through the game.

MMR Explained ( League of Legends Season 7 )

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